Breakthrough platform that helps your video work harder for you.

Lower editing costs up to 90% while giving viewers personalized highlights on-the-fly.

Keep reading to see how D4 can help LeanbackĀ® your M-E-D-I-A.

LeanbackĀ®. The perfect video solution.

All the features you need and more.

  • 100% Cloud-Based
  • One Line of Code
  • Easy to Use
  • Save Editing up to 90%
  • Multiply Content by 2X
  • Blends with Your Site
  • Mobile Device Friendly
  • Unique Analytics
  • Premium support

Client Demos

We let our customers speak for us (click images to visit the site).

Case Study:
Executive Next Practices

ENP does next-practice training for C-level executives and leverages D4 Media as its own next-practice technology.

Busy viewers can watch customized highlights of 5 or 10 minutes from hours or content on just the topics they want.

Case Study:
2 Minute Gifts

2 minute gifts helps visitors find the right gift at the right price range for a given age and gender.

Once the recipient is defined, a few minutes of video is shown so visitors can click to buy the perfect gift.


Intricate details on how our technology works or a cure for insomnia?
Maybe a little of both. You be the judge (click on an image to see that patent).

U.S. Patent

Goal seeking engine and method for generating custom media presentations.

U.S. Patent

Media system for the selective playing of media clips based upon user feedback.

U.S. Patent

Method for playing media based upon user feedback

U.S. Patent

Media system

Video Testimonial

A case study from the Irvine Chamber of Commerce.

Click here to see the press release about their experience.